United Kingdom

About UK


Full Name – United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland

UK is made up of 4 Countries – England, Scotland, Wales& Northern Ireland

Capital cities – London, Edinburgh, Cardiff & Belfast

Population – 61.6 Million

Currency – British Pound (GBP) & Euro (EUR)

Major Cities in UK

  • London2.Leicester
  • Birmingham
  • Manchester
  • Bristol
  • Liverpool
  • Leeds
  • Sheffield
  • Glasgow
  • Edinburgh

Education Structureuk-education-structure


Why UK

  1. You’ll gain Recognized& Respectful Qualification.
  2. Education system in UK is similar to that of India.
  3. More than 3000 educational institutions, offering wide array of courses.
  4. Different types of courses according to your need and abilities.
  5. More than 10,000 Indian students studying in UK universities.
  6. Accreditation: The quality of educations is controlled by the British Government if the institute are state funded Further education and higher education institutes. Whereas independent and privately-funded colleges and institutes may voluntarily accredit themselves to the British Accreditation council www.the-bac.org.
  7. Universities provide chance to choose from a range of 1.10 lakh courses. They provide Medical courses, MBA courses, Engineering courses, Arts courses. They offer best MBA programs, full-time MBA, part-time MBA, and Executive MBA.

Application Procedures

  • UK Education System has mainly September start.
  • Universities and Institutions also offer courses in January.
  • On the basis of Std 12 or Graduation Results, you can apply to study in UK.
  • All Universities and Institutions require an IELTS Score for meeting the English Language proficiency requirements.

Applying for VISA

  • It depends on your age, and on the length and level of the course that you want to study. There are different categories, a quick guide (hyperlink with UKBA site) describes the different categories and can help you to choose the correct category for you.
  • For adults who want to come to the UK for their post-16 education, Tier 4 (General) (hyperlink with UKBA site).

Maintaining funds for 28 days before taking appointment from the VISA office for applying VISA.uk-applying-visa

Documents required for applying VISA

Evidence used to obtain your confirmation of acceptance for studies

Evidence of money to cover your course fees and living costs

Photographs and passport

Application fees


  • Annual University/Institution Fees range from INR 5.5 to 15 Lacs per annum depending on the course and the level of the chosen study program.
  • University Scholarships are also available to deserving candidates.
Courses Fee Per Year
Undergraduate (Arts, Business & Computing) £10,000 – £14,000 per year
Undergraduate (Lab Based) £12,000 – £15,000 per year
Postgraduate (Arts, Business & Computing) £11,000 – £17,000 per year
Postgraduate (Science & Lab Based) £12,000 – £18,000 per year


Job Opportunities

Part Time

Hours Earning Per Week Per Annum Earning
20 x 8£ = 160 £ per week £ 160 x 4.5 weeks = 720 £ per month 720 £ x 12 months = 8640 £