• Canada is made of 10 States & 3 Territories
  • Climate – Extremely Cold
  • Capital City – Ottawa
  • Largest City – Toronto
  • Official Language – English & French
  • Population – 33 Million
  • Currency – Canadian Dollar (CAD)
  • Exchange Rate – Rs. 42-47


Canadian Education System

  • It is Different from Indian Education System.
  • Educational Institutions are not officially ranked in Canada.
  • Canadian qualifications is recognized & respected throughout the world
  • Canadian Colleges offer Lowest Tuition rates for International Students compared to any other English Speaking Country.
  • Canada has around 90 Universities and more than 220 colleges & technical institutions
  • Wide ranges of Education Institutions & Course Options are available.

Why Canada

1)It is the most popular and cost effective study destination for education in the world. More than 90,000 students come to study in Canada every year and even more come to Canada to learn English or French.

2) Wherever you choose to study in Canada, you will discover a multitude of cultural, leisure, and other activities year-round. The United Nations has declared that Canada has the highest quality of life in the world.

3) A degree from a Canadian university is recognized world-wide and as a result, international students who graduate from top universities in Canada enjoy successful and prosperous careers.

4)Top universities and colleges in Canada are world-renowned for their high standards, safe campuses, and educational excellence. Many U.S. companies actively recruit on Canadian campus

5) Education institutions are not officially ranked in Canada, but the entire list of Canada universities offer high quality programs.

6) When choosing your school in Canada, consider the type, size and location of the institution. If you are interested in a particular area of study, investigate which schools have more to offer in that discipline.

7) While the quality of education is always high, universities have their own styles. You can choose to study at large universities offering a wide range of subjects at the undergraduate or graduate levels, or at small liberal arts universities with a focus on undergraduate education.

Application Procedures:

1) Canadian Universities and Colleges mainly start in September butsome Universities and Institutions also offer courses in January & May.

2) On the basis of IELTS Scores and Std 12 or Graduation Results, you can apply to study in Canada. The Colleges do not have any additional entrance examinations

3) The major Universities require the students to have GRE & GMAT Scores in addition to IELTS for the Postgraduate programs.

Applying for VISA:

1)  Before you can apply for a study permit, you must have been accepted at a recognized school, university or college in Canada.

2)  You must prove that you have enough money to pay for your tution fees and living expenses.


Documents required for applying VISA:


  1. Proof of acceptance
  2. Proof of identity
  3. Proof of financial support
  4. Letter of explanation


Courses Fee per Year
Diploma, Graduate Certificates & Graduate Diplomas at Colleges CAD$ 9,000 – CAD$ 14,000 per year
Undergraduate CAD$ 16,000 – CAD$ 21,000 per year
Postgraduate CAD$ 18,000 – CAD$ 25,000 per year
Research Varies