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Now that you have made your mind to move ahead in making your career abroad you realize you are on a crossroads directing you to go in all directions at the same time. This is the time when you are in a confused state of mind and need to relax and take a long breadth & come visit us.


This is where we come into picture. We are going to offer you complete solution to each and every confusion that you have in your mind. We are a team, with expertise, knowledge & personal experiences of studying abroad.


Your dream becomes our duty. You dream we make it possible for you. We, will help you achieve your goals. Our dedicated friendly family at Alok will make sure you are guided well. Our counselors understand the need to educate the parents along with the students.


Our dynamic, dedicated and student friendly counseling team is here to help you achieve your goals. We understand your concerns not only as students but from the parents’ perspectives as well. For us, each student is an individual, with a unique set of requirements and aspirations – it is our endeavor to find the best possible match of country, university and course.


We are not done yet. As in the beginning we shared with you – We make studying overseas dream come true & it cannot just finish so fast. Now that you know what university you have to go. You have confirmation from university you have start planning about your funds. Our expert team will take your case personally and advise you along with your parents about funds management. After managing funds come in place filling your visa. For the same, you have to arrange few documents tlking about your funds. There are more facilities like airport pick up, of campus accommodation. Our network is very strong. We are in touch with our students who have already reached their and our pusing their studies or job. This helps us & our future students to get in touch well in advance with students turned professionals.


Remember – We are here for you ! We are here to make your dream come true. You dream & we take the responsibility.


So, don’t think anymore, get started right away! The sooner you call or get in touch with our counselors the sooner your dream will be fulfilled.